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After layout designing, web-site going to landing stage. During processing of provided design, created using various graphic editors, engaged specialist transofms picture into the working tool. From technical point of view, layout landing definition may be simplified to creation of programmable and flexible CSS, JS and HTML integrated code, which will be recognised by all browsers and devices being used nowadays, and consequently processing it into end-user interactive picture, completely corresponding to initial design.
Landing Page
Landing page is a page for collecting visitors' contacts or products sale. Commonly it is a single page, describing proposed offer in a short, but informative way, allowing seller/service provider to increase overall efficiency of placed advetisements
JavaScript segments
Java script (JS) is commonly used as integrated programming language for establishing bonding various application's objects together. Mostly JS spreaded on the Web as a language of scripts, ensuring interactive responsiveness of web-sites.
PSD to HTML email
Letter layout landing (Верстка писем) — it is a creation of targeted information letters, where emphazis made on viewing convenience and comfort, providing compatibility with any kind of hard- and software. Sooner or later any company faces the necessity of letters landingю It can be common account's password retrieval or change, various notifications or advertisements distribution. Layout of such messages may directly affect clients' attitude
What is WordPress? Nowadays it is the most popular Content management system in the world. WordPress is a base for more than 30% of web-sites over the world and this number is constantly increasing! Generally, content management system is an web-application, which allows owners and moderators to manage any kind of content without knowledge of programming languages or any specific preliminary training. For instance, if CMS was used for a blog web-site, than it could be easily used for a transformed into web-shop, portfolio, periodic web-site or anything else you may ever want. One of the most important WordPress properties is an intuitive and friendly interface. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, than you shouldn't worry to encounter any difficulties with WordPress — you will be able to create and successfully publish your content!